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Turmeric Latte Recipe: Golden Milk!

By Ethan Boldt

October 13, 2022

Turmeric latte recipe

Turmeric is a legendary herb with over 4,000 years of proven health benefits, but it's not exactly easy to get into your diet (one great option is taking a turmeric supplement, of course). Some like to add to their eggs (try our veggie omelet with Bone Broth Protein Turmeric) or in their tuna salad, but increasingly we're seeing in more drink recipes.

You can make your own warm turmeric sipping broth or even a cold ginger turmeric tonic, but probably the most popular and delicious turmeric drink is the Turmeric Latte, aka Golden Milk. It's one of my favorite afternoon drinks, as I find it both filling and health supporting, plus it boasts a sophisticated taste that I enjoy sipping as I do my work. I also will have it at night when I’m winding down.

In fact, it also is a great morning drink and makes our list of easy breakfast ideas.

A turmeric latte recipe is a great way to incorporate the many benefits of turmeric into your daily life. Rich in quality fats, it also works for vegan, Paleo, keto and most diets.

What Is a Turmeric Latte (Golden Milk)?

Called golden milk because of its lovely color, a turmeric latte or turmeric milk is centered around two ingredients: turmeric and some type of milk. Featured in the Indian culture for centuries, it typically uses dairy milk. However, lately coconut milk is used just as often, as it makes this drink extra creamy and marries well with the spices.

In order to make this sublime hot drink even better for you, I also recommend that you add additional ingredients like ashwagandha, reishi and cinnamon.

Golden Milk Ingredients

Did you know that turmeric (Curcuma longa) is a relative of ginger? It contains a potent antioxidant called curcumin. Not only does curcumin give turmeric (and a golden milk) its bright color, it’s also why it's such a powerhouse.

Turmeric benefits include supporting healthy joint function. It’s able to reduce joint tenderness, support joint range of motion and mobility, and reduce joint discomfort.

Some studies also show that curcumin has the potential to help support a healthy response to inflammation, which can help to support overall health.

Even better is Bone Broth Protein Turmeric, which combines the power of turmeric with bone broth. Check out its health claims: it supports joint health and reduces joint discomfort, a healthy inflammation response and a healthy immune system, gut health and a healthy gut microbiome, and even healthy skin. It also adds 20 grams of protein to this turmeric latte recipe. (You can also use Bone Broth Protein Pure and add a teaspoon of turmeric.)

Coconut milk is the No. 2 ingredient and is loaded with performance fats. Bear in mind that full-fat coconut milk is high in calories so you may choose go with a "light" or reduced fat version, which still contains plenty of good fats.

I also highly recommend that you add ashwagandha to this tumeric latte. An adaptogenic herb that's popular in the Ayurvedic tradition, it can help the body adapt to fight the effects of stress.

Speaking of stress, another great ingredient is reishi powder. Generally speaking, reishi and other mushrooms can help the body adapt to oxidative stress as well as emotional stress, and work to support a variety of healthy body processes.

Black pepper and cinnamon also complement turmeric well, plus simply add more benefits.

For sweetness, you can go with maple syrup or raw honey. If you use honey, wait for mixture to cool a bit before adding.

How to Make

While it's got a fancy name, Golden Milk is truly a simple recipe to make. In a medium pot over medium heat, add the coconut oil and melt. Then add the coconut milk (or almond milk for fewer calories) and stir until mixture is hot.

Put the warm mixture into a high-powered blender, then add in the remaining ingredients: Bone Broth Protein Turmeric (or Bone Broth Protein Pure and turmeric), vanilla extract, powdered ashwagandha, reishi powder, cinnamon and black pepper. Blend on high until all ingredients are mixed well.

Pour the blended mixture into a mug. Optionally add a little maple syrup or raw honey to sweeten. Serve topped with powdered cinnamon.

Other Delicious Hot Drinks

Turmeric Latte Recipe




10 min




Ethan Boldt

Containing some of the best spices loaded with benefits, this is one of the great hot drinks to prepare to soothe your nerves and appetite.

  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil

  • 1 cup reduced fat coconut milk (fewer calories with unsweetened almond milk)

  • 1 scoop Bone Broth Protein Turmeric (or 1 scoop Pure with 1 teaspoon turmeric)

  • ½ teaspoon powdered ashwagandha

  • ½ teaspoon reishi powder

  • ¼ teaspoon cinnamon

  • ⅛ teaspoon black pepper

  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract

  • 1 teaspoon maple syrup or raw honey (optional)

  1. In a medium pot over medium heat, add coconut oil. Once it melts, add in coconut milk.

  2. Stir until mixture is hot and ingredients are well combined.

  3. Add mixture to a high-powered blender and the remaining ingredients (except for the maple syrup or honey).

  4. Blend on high until mixed well. Pour into a cup and stir in maple syrup or raw honey once it's cooled a bit.

  5. Serve topped with cinnamon.

Recipe Video

Serving Size 1 cup (73g) Calories 276, Carbs 4.4 grams, Fiber 1.8 grams, Sugar 2.3 grams, Fat 18.8 grams, Saturated Fat 16.6 grams, Unsaturated Fat 1.2 grams, Trans Fat 0 grams, Cholesterol 0 milligrams, Protein 21.5 grams, Sodium 180 milligrams (8% DV)

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