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Our XL bag is an environmentally friendly packaging option that is made from recycled plastics, most commonly PET and HDPE plastic products. Instead of being sent to a local landfill, used items such as bottles, milk jugs, buckets and industrial products like IBC totes and poly drums can be broken down, melted and reconstructed to make a resin material that’s then added to create a new product—PCR packaging or post-consumer resin/post-consumer recycled. These bags are 40% PCR. 

MCP 100 serv bag next to a cup of coffee
Using less plastic

We’ve continued to swap hard PET for HDPE, which contains 25% less plastic overall than our previous packaging. We hope to transition to biodegradable, compostable or recyclable packaging by the end of 2024.

bottle of SBO Probiotics Ultimate

BioBottles™ are a sustainable alternative to plastic bottles that can be transformed into a more earth-friendly material by exposing it to UV light, temperature, and oxygen. At Ancient Nutrition, we are committed to zero waste through the use of biodegradable, recyclable and reusable packaging and shipping materials.

Recycle-friendly color

Our packaging is recyclable, but not all facilities are equipped to take a darker plastic. We’re excited to be in the process of transitioning to a less opaque, and more sortable version for nationwide acceptance.

bottle of organic supergreens gummies
Closing the loop

Because we are still creating plastic, we partnered with Plastic Bank, an organization that collects, recycles, and re-processes plastic waste. Our partnership with Plastic Bank has prevented the equivalent of 4,545,450 plastic bottles and counting from entering the ocean!

a plastic water bottle on the ground with the Plastic Bank logo overlaid
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