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Bone Broth for Gut Health

By Rachel Link, RD, MS

September 29, 2022

Bone broth for gut health

Dating back thousands of years, bone broth, which contains collagen, gelatin and other beneficial compounds, has been valued for its ability to support the health of the gut. 

Because it has the ability to help promote a healthy gut lining and gut integrity, bone broth is still recommended today for those seeking support for digestion and healthy immune system function.

While traditionally-made bone broth can take 1–2 days to slowly simmer, fortunately we have bone broth products available today that make it easy to to enjoy both its rich flavor and impressive nutrient profile.

Bone Broth Benefits for Gut Health

For some background, bone broth is a beneficial stock made from slowly simmered animal parts including chicken, beef and fish bones and connective tissues.

Why is bone broth good for your gut? Because it's brimming with amino acids (the “building blocks of proteins”), collagen and other hard-to-get compounds that contribute to many functions throughout the body — including those related to gut, skin and joint health.

One of the main reasons that benefit-rich bone broth is recommended for people with gut-related interests is because of its supply of collagen protein, including collagen types I, II and III (depending on the specific kind of broth). 

How does bone broth promote a healthy gut lining? 

Collagen, a complex protein made up of 18 amino acids, is a key component of the gut lining, which is where nutrient absorption and other digestive processes take place, plus where the majority of someone’s immune system is found. 

Having a strong, healthy gut lining is essential for healthy immune system function, a normal response to inflammation, and for obtaining key vitamins and minerals. A healthy gut can also contribute to other body-wide benefits such as normal appetite regulation and a healthy body composition.

Best Type of Bone Broth for the Gut 

What type of bone broth is best for gut health? Two of the most popular types of bone broth include chicken and beef broths. While they supply similar nutrients, they contain different ratios of collagen types.

This means that ideally, you want to consume a mix of both beef and chicken broths if possible. This is exactly what you’ll find in our Bone Broth Protein products, which provide three types of collagen from a mix of mostly chicken broth and some beef broth. 

In fact, our chicken-based Bone Broth Protein formulas are 3x as potent as homemade broths, making it simple to support a healthy gut, plus healthy joints and a normal response to inflammation.

What are the three types of collagen you’ll find in Bone Broth Protein? Beef bone broth contains collagen types I and III, while chicken bone broth inherently features mostly collagen type II.

Type I collagen makes up about 90 percent of the collagen in your body. It’s found just about everywhere, such as your gut, tendons, skin, bones, cartilage and connective tissues, providing both strength and elasticity. 

Type II collagen helps to support healthy cartilage, keeping joints well cushioned and lubricated. Type II also inherently features chondroitin, glucosamine and hyaluronic acid

Type III collagen helps to form the lining of organs, plus your muscles, arteries, and some connective tissues in the liver, spleen and blood vessels.

Bone Broth Products for the Gut

You can use Bone Broth Protein products to almost instantly mix up a cup of nourishing broth, or to easily add protein and nutrients to both sweet and savory meals. 

Of course, you should always consult your healthcare professional prior to beginning and new dietary or lifestyle regimen. 

Here’s how to drink bone broth for gut health:

Depending on which flavor of Bone Broth Protein you enjoy most, you might choose to consume Bone Broth Protein warm as is, sipping it on it as a health-minded, savory drink. If so, try one of Ancient Nutrition's sipping broths which come in three delicious flavors: Chicken Soup, Tomato Basil and Butternut Squash.

Simply add one scoop of Bone Broth Protein to a cup of hot water and either stir or blend to combine. If you enjoy the taste, mix it with spices, salt and pepper for a savory pre-meal or post-workout snack. Bone Broth Protein makes a great addition to soups or stews, too.

If you prefer sweeter tasting flavors of Bone Broth Protein, there are plenty of ways to use our Bone Broth Protein Vanilla, Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice or Salted Caramel flavors. Try Bone Broth Protein in smoothie bowls, oatmeal, health-focused baked goods such as muffins, or stirred right into your morning cup of coffee.

How much bone broth should you drink?

Most adults should start by having 1–2 cups/serving or Bone Broth Protein per day as part of a balanced diet, then increasing their intake gradually over time.

If you’d like to try a bone broth diet, consider having three servings each day in conjunction with intermittent fasting and a clean diet. Learn about our 14-day or 21-day bone broth diet plan. Just make sure you always read and follow label directions for use. 

How long does it take bone broth to help benefit the gut?

This really depends on the person, since results vary depending on someone’s overall health, diet, age and lifestyle. Aim to be consistent with drinking bone broth regularly for at least 1–2 months to achieve the most benefits. 

For gut supplements, Bone Broth Protein is one of several recommended products.

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