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Savory Sipping Bone Broths

By Jill Levy

September 24, 2022

Sipping bone broths

When the weather cools down, most of us love to sip on something warm and comforting that’s also both tasty and healthy. 

As a natural source of collagen plus other beneficial compounds that support healthy skin, joints, hair, nails and digestive function, bone broth is just what your body needs to power through the colder seasons.

You can, of course, make your own bone broth. Even easier are bone broth powders that can be mixed with hot water. These so-called sipping broths are a major wellness trend. Why is sipping bone broth good for you? Because it’s unlike most other protein powders on the market, considering it provides collagen and a unique combination of amino acids.

Our new Savory Bone Broth Protein powders are also free of common allergens such as gluten, dairy, nuts, grains and soy, plus they’re made from only the best quality ingredients— including bone broths made from grass-fed and pasture-raised chicken and beef.

These Bone Broth Protein powders are also considered clean supplements. For Ancient Nutrition, we consider a clean supplement as one that’s high-quality, safe, effective and contains the ingredients listed on the label in the stated amounts. 

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What Are Sipping Broths?

When you’re in need of a quick pick-me-up snack, can you drink just broth? Yes, and there’s a number of good reasons that you should.

Sipping broths are bone broths that taste great on their own, without necessarily needing to be cooked with or added to recipes. These savory-tasting broths provide a convenient dose of satiating protein, plus they’re deliciously warming, soothing and simple to use. 

Bone Broth Protein Sipping Broths

Ready to reap the rewards of traditional bone broth within just minutes? You no longer have to slowly simmer broth over the course of 1–2 days, since you can now prepare real bone broth almost instantly from dried bone broth powders. 

Depending on your taste preference, enjoy one of Ancient Nutrition’s new savory Bone Broth Protein powders, which are made from real beef bone broth and chicken bone broth.

Our newest sipping broth flavors include:

These sipping bone broths are made from a combination of mostly beef broth mixed with some chicken bone broth. They’re suitable for people following a wide range of diets, including those that are gluten-free, grain-free, dairy-free, paleo, keto and low-carb.

Within our Bone Broth Protein Butternut Squash, Tomato Basil and Chicken Soup formulas, you’ll find a blend of three different types of collagen: types I, II and III, which are naturally found in beef and chicken bone broth. 

Collagen type I: It makes up about 90 percent of the collagen in your body. Almost every tissue of your body contains it — including your tendons, skin, bones, cartilage and connective tissues. Consuming more type 1 collagen can help provide your skin with structure and strength to maintain its youthful elasticity. 

Collagen type III: It helps form your cartilage, muscles, organs, arteries, and parts of your liver, spleen and blood vessels.

Collagen type II: It’s important for maintaining the health and comfort of cartilage, since it helps support chondrocytes, which are small cells that keep joints well cushioned and lubricated.


Below are some of the ways that sipping bone broth regularly (and following a bone broth diet) can contribute to an overall healthier you:

1. Supports an overall healthy metabolism 

When you use Bone Broth Protein in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle, including regular exercise, it can help to maintain an overall healthy body composition and metabolism. 

Bone Broth Protein also supplies you with key nutrients, including amino acids and minerals, that you may be lacking if you eat a modern, processed diet. These nutrients support maintenance of muscle mass, joint health, and can also positively affect blood sugar levels and appetite control.

2. Can help promote satiety

Protein is naturally filling macronutrient, helping you to achieve satiety — feeling satisfied after you eat and for longer between meals. This means that sipping bone broth may help you to more easily regulate your calorie intake and to stick to an overall healthier diet.

3. Supports a healthy gut

What are sipping broths good for when it comes to gut and digestive support? The collagen found in bone broth helps to form the lining of the gut, not to mention connective tissues that form other major organs. 

This means that Bone Broth Protein contributes to overall gut integrity and helps to support digestion and immune system function (since the majority of your immune system is found within the gut). 

4. Promotes healthy skin, hair and nails

The majority of your skin, hair and nails are made up of protein. Collagen protein helps to support overall healthy skin, including by promoting skin elasticity and even fighting the appearance of crow’s feet.

It also generally helps to maintain healthy skin and nails, such as by preventing hair breakage and contributing to healthy hair and nail growth.

5. Supports healthy joints

Collagen for joints also is effective, as it features certain joint-supporting compounds found in bone broth: glucosamine sulfate, chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid. These help to form and maintain healthy cartilage and connective tissues. 

Getting enough collagen in your diet becomes especially beneficial as you age and your joints experience “wear and tear,” since aging leads to your body making less collagen of its own. Consuming Bone Broth Protein on a regular basis is a smart way to help keep joints and cartilage comfortable and mobile, and to lubricate and cushion joints by allowing cartilage to act as a “shock absorber.”

How to Use a Sipping Bone Broth 

Is it good to sip bone broth everyday?

In most cases, yes. Try a scoop of one of our three delicious flavors — Chicken Soup, Tomato Basil or Butternut Squash — by adding a serving to a cup of hot water. 

Simply sip on the broth as a warm and cozy beverage. You can try having a serving before a meal to help you feel fuller, or as a snack or pre-workout elixir.

How many servings should you have each day?

We recommend that adults consume 1–3 servings of bone broth each day (or 1–3 scoops).

If you really want to take advantage of the benefits of Bone Broth Protein, we suggest trying our Bone Broth Diet program, which can either be 14 days or 21 days

During the program you’ll sip on broths daily while also practicing intermittent fasting and eating nourishing meals. The plan involves having three servings of bone broth each day, alongside a diet rich in whole, unprocessed foods, similar to the Paleo diet.

What spices can you add to sipping bone broth?

Our three savory formulas are already tasty on their own, but if you prefer a more bold taste, try adding some sea salt, black pepper or turmeric. Cinnamon and cayenne also make good additions to the Butternut Squash flavor. Check out this recipe for creamy pumpkin soup.

Similarly, check out how the Chicken soup flavor was used in this absolutely delicious homemade chicken pot pie.

What is a safe temperature to keep bone broth at for sipping?

It’s generally recommended that you sip broth at temps between 165 degrees and 210 degrees Fahrenheit, otherwise you may burn yourself or possibly wind up destroying some of the compounds found in bone broth. 

Try heating up water in a kettle and removing it from the heat before it’s boiling, then pour it into a mug and stir in a scoop of your favorite Bone Broth Protein. It’s as simple as that!

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