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Ancient Nutrition Announces Greatest Mission Yet: To Save the World with Superfoods

By Ethan Boldt

May 16, 2022

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The #1 Powder Supplement Brand Debuts First Brand Anthem “Believe”

Nashville, TN (May 15, 2022) — We only have 60 years of farmable land left if we sustain our current levels of farming, according to Senior UN Officials. Today, it’s well-known that conventional farming practices harm our soil, reduce ecological diversity with the excessive use of chemical fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, fungicides and inhumane livestock practices, all which increase CO emissions. Leading dietary supplement brand, Ancient Nutrition has decided to become part of the solution by creating a pioneering effort in the area of regenerative agriculture.

Today, Ancient Nutrition is on a mission to save the world with superfoods — and they’re sharing that mission with the debut of their first ever brand anthem, titled ." Developed in partnership with renowned global production studio The Mill and director Bowe King, the anthem showcases the brand’s unwavering belief that proper nutrition through regenerative organic superfoods will go a long way towards our shared goals of healing the planet, feeding the world and transforming the health of every individual.

“Believe” highlights Ancient Nutrition’s core truth: that our health is interconnected with the health of the planet. How ingredients are grown and produced have an immeasurable effect on their quality, which ultimately impacts your health — and in turn the impact you’ll have on your community and the world. And while solutions to reversing traditional practices are invariably complex, empowering people to believe that the choices we make and actions we take, can have the ability to propel us forward. Simply put, “Believe” is the brand's rallying cry and commitment to regenerative farming practices that promote soil health, sequester carbon from the atmosphere, and undo the damage caused by conventional agriculture. 

Coinciding with the anthem release, Ancient Nutrition has announced that 1 percent of all revenue will be dedicated to the RANCH Project — the brand's commitment to Regenerative Agriculture, Nutrition & Climate Health. 

“With every purchase of an Ancient Nutrition product, consumers become part of our mission to transform the health of the planet, as we work towards our goal of planting 10 million superfood trees over the next 10 years on our regenerative organic farms in Tennessee and Missouri,” said Ancient Nutrition founder and CEO Jordan Rubin.

The anthem will be seen across streaming platforms and will appear on Discovery Channel, Paramount, Bravo, and HGTV, among others. Dedicated PR and social programming will complement the message, bringing “” to life across multiple channels. 

Ancient Nutrition offers over 150 unique products, including the No. 1 Supplement in the Natural Channel, in categories such as collagen, bone broth protein, multivitamins, supergreens, probiotics, herbals and mushrooms. For more information and to shop online, visit

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