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Matcha Collagen Supplement, Bursting with Benefits

By Ethan Boldt

September 1, 2022

Matcha collagen supplement

Green tea is one of the best sources of antioxidants, as well as a well-researched herbal infusion for helping to promote overall healthy aging

Matcha green tea specifically is an amazing source of antioxidants, typically providing more antioxidants than regular green tea!

Ancient Nutrition is excited to introduce our newest collagen product that combines the power of Multi Collagen Protein with those of matcha green tea: Collagen Matcha Energizer.

What does matcha collagen do for your body and mindset? This winning combination provides you with a convenient combo of both protein and phytonutrients, helping to support enhanced focus and mental stamina, healthy cortisol and DHEA balance,  healthy energy levels, reduction in fatigue and more.

What Is Matcha Collagen?

Collagen Matcha Energizer is our newest multi collagen formula made with 10 types of collagen protein, matcha green tea, plus other supportive ingredients including MCT oil and clinically studied organic ashwagandha. 

You can think of our matcha collagen as a health-minded alternative to your morning coffee, or as a collagen-filled “afternoon pick-me-up.” Some describe its effects as being like an “alert calmness.” It can be used in several ways, such as to make lattes and smoothies, or even to bake with.

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Why We Created a Matcha Collagen Protein

Our goal with matcha collagen was to formulate a product that offers healthy, sustainable energy without the need for lots of caffeine. 

We consider our Collagen Matcha Energizer to be an effective way to boost your energy, focus, mindset and resiliency.

Additionally, it supports healthy cortisol/DHEA balance (which can support an overall healthy metabolism), as well as a healthy response to stress.

Just about everyone — including those following keto or Paleo diets — can benefit from adding this natural energizer to their routine, considering it’s low in caffeine and made without grains/gluten, dairy and soy. 

We’re also proud to say that our matcha collagen is free of added sugar, low in carbs and a source of health-minded fats to help power your day. This makes it stand apart from other matcha products on the market, especially those high in sugar and low in antioxidants.

Nutrition Facts

Matcha green tea is made from whole, powdered tea leaves that are grown following a strict process that preserves the plant’s valuable antioxidants. 

Matcha comes from the Camellia sinensis plant, which also produces white, green, black and oolong teas; however, it’s generally denser in many phytonutrients due to its unique, labor-intensive growing process.

Like other teas, matcha is considered a true superfood based on the fact that it’s brimming with antioxidants, such as EGCG (known to have additional health benefits), flavonoids, polyphenols and catechins. Matcha also provides the amino acid called L-theanine, which is generally associated with overall mental focus, restful sleep, relaxation and cognitive support.

Matcha has a long history of use in traditional practices that originated in China and Japan, including those geared towards building energy and promoting healthy aging. In fact, preparing matcha green tea is considered a sacred piece of Japanese tradition.

Today, matcha continues to be one of the most well-researched ingredients of interest for its health benefits. 

How does matcha green tea compare to other teas?

If we compare matcha green tea leaves to other herbs and teas, we see that matcha is an amazing source of many beneficial phytonutrients. 

You’d have to drink more of another tea to consume the equivalent amount of antioxidants typically found in one glass of matcha. 

How much caffeine does matcha collagen have?

Matcha tea leaves do contain some natural caffeine, meaning it can support healthy energy levels right away. 

Our MCP matcha formula contains 33 milligrams of caffeine per serving, which is a little more than one-third the amount found in one cup of coffee (which has roughly 95 milligrams per 8 ounce serving).

Additionally, ashwagandha is added to our matcha collagen to support a healthy response to stress and tension and to help to “recharge your batteries,” meaning it can help promote sustainable energy.

How is MCP Matcha different from our Ancient Elixirs Superfood Matcha?

Our Superfood Matcha formula is a bit higher in caffeine than our Collagen Matcha Energizer, containing 135 milligrams of caffeine per serving (from matcha and organic coffee cherry).

Both products offer benefits for energy, focus, a clear mind and a healthy response to stress; however, if you prefer a product with a lower amount of caffeine, our Collagen Matcha Energizer is the better option for you.


What is matcha collagen good for? Each ingredient found within your Collagen Matcha Energizer offers its own unique benefits. 

For example, our Multi Collagen Protein formulas contain a proprietary fermented eggshell membrane collagen ingredient that’s been shown to support healthy joints, skin, hair, nails, gut and beyond.

Multi Collagen Protein products can help reduce joint discomfort and stiffness, support recovery from exercise, help with maintenance of healthy cartilage, support healthy skin tone and elasticity, and promote healthy hair thickness and growth.

In addition to matcha, our collagen matcha formula also features MCT oil and organic ashwagandha root and leaf extract.

MCT oil is said to be a “clean energizer” because it supplies the body with fats called medium chain triglycerides that are easily absorbed. This is the same type of oil loved by low-carb and keto dieters for providing a quick boost in focus.

Ashwagandha is an herb that has been used for thousands of years to support a positive mindset, physical health and overall balance within the body. 

As one of the most popular adaptogens, ashwagandha is mainly taken to help provide benefits such as: promoting a calm, relaxed state of mind and a positive mindset; enhancing feelings of well-being; promoting mental clarity and concentration; and reducing fatigue and the effects of stress and tension.  

When combined together, the ingredients found in our Collagen Matcha Energizer provide benefits such as:

  • Supporting healthy energy levels

  • Promoting healthy joints and skin health

  • Supporting a healthy response to stress

  • Assisting in getting good sleep

How to Use

I personally use our Matcha Collagen every day, whether as a standalone product to create lattes, or in smoothies and other hot and cold recipes. 

I’ve tried many matcha products, and I can honestly say that ours is one of the best tasting matchas available!

You can simply stir or shake matcha collagen into water or your favorite plant-based milk, such as coconut or almond milk. If you prefer it in smoothies, try combining it with berries or banana for extra flavor and nutrients, or with avocado if you follow a keto or low-carb diet. 

I sometimes use matcha collagen as a pre-workout aid to boost my energy before exercise, or in the afternoon to give me an edge.

Because it does contain a small amount of natural caffeine, consider enjoying this Collagen Matcha in either the morning or afternoon as opposed to before bedtime, especially if you’re sensitive to the effects of caffeine.

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