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Lose fat.* Gain strength.* Feel incredible.

Introducing our most advanced collagen formula yet. Multi Collagen Advanced Lean capsules and powders are designed to help you get leaner*, stronger*, and feel your best.

Burn up to 15% more calories at rest*

6x more weight loss†** More energy and less fatigue. Multi Collagen Advanced Lean† capsules deliver incredible benefits for your weight loss†** goals – all packed into super-convenient capsules.

Multi collagen advanced Lean capsules
History’s most powerful superfoods

Our proprietary Fat Loss† Blend combines powerful superfoods traditionally used for healthy weight management , including moringa leaf extract, curry leaf extract, turmeric rhizome extract and more. It also packs in 10 types of collagen from 10 real food sources.

6x more weight loss*

Fewer cravings, more energy

Fat loss.** Strength gains.** Less fatigue. Multi Collagen Advanced Lean powder is designed to help you feel leaner, full of energy and ready to crush your goals. This versatile powder is lightly flavored with cinnamon, perfect for adding to your morning coffee.

Multi Collagen Advanced Powder bottle
Ingredients backed by human clinical studies

This proprietary blend includes a Fat Loss Blend of clinically studied organic ashwagandha root extract and organic ceylon cinnamon. It’s also packed with clinically studied eggshell membrane collagen, Vitamin C and SBO probiotics.

fat loss*, fewer cravings*, more energy*

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Frequently Asked Questions

†These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

*Key ingredient. Day 7 in a 7-day human clinical trial with healthy normal weight and overweight individuals, at rest with no changes to diet or exercise.

**Key ingredient. Compared to diet and exercise alone in a 16-week human clinical trial with healthy overweight individuals who followed a reduced-calorie diet and regular exercise.

NOTE: MCHA is microcrystalline hydroxyapatite, a compound derived from processing whole bovine bones, which gives bones their rigidity. Overall, MCHA contains highly absorbable calcium and phosphorus (along with other bone-supporting minerals or nutrients, such as magnesium, a calcium-binding protein called osteocalcin, collagen and bone growth factors like IGF-I and IGF-II), which are major minerals or nutrients found in bones. The body uses these nutrients to maintain healthy bones and connective tissues. 

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