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10 Best Travel Supplements (and Why They're a Good Idea)

By Joe Boland

March 28, 2024

Travel supplements

Traveling is one of life's greatest pleasures, offering opportunities for exploration, adventure and relaxation. But let's be honest, sometimes travel can disrupt our routines and wreak havoc on our health. Disrupted sleep, unfamiliar food and long days exploring can leave us feeling sluggish and vulnerable.

In the midst of planning your next adventure, have you considered how to maintain your health routine while on the road?

This is where travel supplements come in — a strategic selection of vitamins, minerals and other supplements can be your secret weapon for staying health-focused and energized throughout your trip.

Keep reading to learn the importance of travel supplements and how they can support your well-being during your journeys. Then, pack your shaker bottle and make sure to take the appropriate travel supplements for your goals.

Reasons to Take Supplements on Your Trip

Why pack travel supplements? Supplements can help keep you on track while you’re on the move in the following ways:

  • Healthy Immune System Support: Travel exposes us to new environments. Supplements to support immune system health like vitamin C, D3 and zinc are great take-along options.

  • Digestive Balance: Different cuisines, meal schedules and unfamiliar water sources can upset your gut. Probiotics replenish healthy gut bacteria, promoting smooth digestion. Digestive support is important while traveling, due to consuming unfamiliar foods and beverages. Supplements that support gut health can help promote overall digestive comfort and well-being.

  • Combating Jet Lag: Crossing time zones throws your body's natural sleep-wake cycle out of whack. Melatonin supplements can help regulate your sleep patterns and potentially minimize jet lag symptoms.

  • Energy and Vitality: Jet lag, long flights and busy itineraries can leave us feeling drained and fatigued. Certain supplements can provide an energy boost, helping you stay alert and energized throughout your trip.

  • Hydration and Electrolytes: Travel often involves increased activity and drier climates, which means you should focus on staying hydrated. Electrolyte supplements help maintain fluid balance, especially after long flights.

  • Nutritional Gaps: Changes in diet and eating patterns while traveling can lead to nutritional gaps. Supplements can bridge these gaps, ensuring you receive essential vitamins and minerals even when your diet may be less than optimal.

Best Travel Supplements

Now that you know why travel supplements are valuable allies, let's explore some top ones to pack. Of course, you should always consult with your healthcare professional prior to beginning any new dietary or lifestyle regimen.

1. Multivitamin

A daily multivitamin covers your nutritional bases, helping you get essential vitamins and minerals that might be lacking in unfamiliar food choices. Look at Ancient Nutrition's variety of multivitamins, including Once Daily's.

2. Probiotics

Look for a daily probiotic with diverse strains to support digestive health while traveling. Essential for maintaining a healthy gut microbiome, probiotics can help promote digestive health, even during travel. SBO Probiotics make for a great choice.

3. Melatonin

For trips with significant time zone changes, melatonin can help manage your sleep cycle and potentially minimize jet lag. Taking melatonin at the appropriate time can help reset your internal clock, making it easier to adjust to different time zones and improve sleep quality.

4. Electrolytes

Pack powdered or tablet electrolytes to replenish minerals lost through sweat, especially important during flights, hikes or hot-weather adventures. Hydration is key to feeling your best while traveling. Check out Multi Collagen Advanced Hydrate powder that offers two times more electrolytes than leading sports drinks.

5. Healthy Immune System Support Formula

Consider a supplement containing key nutrients to support immune system health like vitamin C, D3 and zinc. This Healthy Immune System Bundle contains all three.

6. Vitamin C

Known for its healthy immune system response–supporting properties, vitamin C is a must-have supplement for travelers. It can help support your healthy immune system year-round, including during travel. Ancient Nutrients Vitamin C + Probiotics makes for a great option.

7. Adaptogens

Adaptogenic herbs like rhodiola, astragalus, ashwagandha and ginseng help the body adapt to stressors and promote resilience. Incorporating adaptogens into your travel regimen can support overall well-being, enhance energy levels and improve mental clarity amid the demands of travel. Try Organic Ashwagandha

8. Collagen

There are so many reasons to make sure you bring your collagen with you when you travel. It's one of the most important supplements for the entire body, whether we’re talking healthy joint support to promoting bodily systems, and there are many types that can help while you're on the go, such as:

9. Turmeric

The active ingredient in turmeric, curcumin, can provide several benefits for travelers. For instance, turmeric has been found to potentially help reduce joint tenderness and improve joint mobility, decrease exercise-induced joint discomfort, and support a healthy response to inflammation — all areas you want in tip-top shape while traveling. 

Try Organic Turmeric or the new Regenerative Organic Certified® Turmeric that is made with select Regenerative Organic Certified® turkey tail myceliated turmeric root extract plus turkey tail myceliated golden, blue and green turmeric whole plant extracts.

10. Ginger

Ginger is loaded with antioxidants and supports a healthy response to inflammation. It makes for a great travel supplement to help keep you feeling your best. 


Prioritizing your health while traveling is essential for enjoying your adventures to the fullest. By incorporating targeted supplements into your travel routine, you can support your body's needs and minimize the impact of travel-related stressors.

Of course, this list is a starting point. Always consult a health care professional before starting any new supplements, especially if you have any underlying health conditions, and make sure to follow the suggested use directions on any travel supplements that you use.

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