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Regenerative Organic Certified® Supplements, for People & the Planet

By Ethan Boldt

October 2, 2023

Regenerative Organic Certified supplements

When you want to transform both people and the planet at a dietary supplement company, the proof is in the pudding. After all, with so many companies simply wishing to project a climate friendly company, Ancient Nutrition and its founders have actively sought out third-party certifications that show that we’re very serious about both planetary health and organic farming. 

Well, now Ancient Nutrition just achieved the highest standard certification for its newest line of products: Regenerative Organic Certified® (ROC™). Ancient Nutrition and its founders are proud to say that we are the first dietary supplement brand to offer the first line of Regenerative Organic Certified® dietary supplement products.

Becoming Regenerative Organic Certified® on our two founder-owned farms was a significant step for us, too. Our founder-owned farms in Tennessee and Missouri were the first farms in their respective states to become Regenerative Organic Certified®. It represents the highest standards — and we were already holding ourselves to high standards daily — and means so much more than just organic. 

We believe that in order to transform the health of everyone on the planet, we have to start with the planet itself. But we can’t change the future of farming alone. ROC™ represents another step towards our ultimate goal and mission “to save the world with superfoods,” including launching our new ROC™ products (with ingredients in part sourced from our founder-owned Regenerative Organic Certified® regenerative farms) that aren’t just great for the planet but also are grown in more nutrient-dense soil than some similar products.

Learn more about what ROC™ entails, Ancient Nutrition’s ROC™ line of products now being “triple certified,” new Ancient Nutrition ROC™ products, and what all this means for you the consumer. 

What Is Regenerative Organic Certified®? 

Regenerative Organic Certified® is an agricultural certification for food, fiber and personal care ingredients. It requires farmers to go above and beyond by practicing agricultural techniques based on three core pillars: ensuring healthy soil, the ethical and humane treatment of animals, and fairness for farmers and workers. 

Regenerative Organic Certified® assures consumers that their purchase makes a positive impact at every level: environmental, ethical, and social. The farms as well as the products must meet the highest standards in soil health, farm health, animal welfare and social fairness.

In 2018, ROC™ was introduced as a new, holistic, high-bar standard for agriculture certification by Rodale Institute, a purpose-driven nonprofit and a founder of the modern regenerative organic movement. Now ROC™ is overseen by the Regenerative Organic Alliance(ROA), a nonprofit made up of experts in farming, ranching, soil health, animal welfare, and farmer and worker fairness. It was created to address the climate crisis, soil degradation, biodiversity loss, factory farming and fractured rural economies globally. 

Regenerative Organic Certified® has three levels: Regenerative Organic Certified® Bronze, Regenerative Organic Certified® Silver, and Regenerative Organic Certified® Gold. Each requires a different number and scope of regenerative organic practices used. Farms are required to improve through the different levels over the years in order to maintain certification. While the Beyond Organic farm in Missouri is Regenerative Organic Certified® Bronze, the Tennessee farm is Regenerative Organic Certified® Silver. Learn more at

ROC™ Principles

In order to become Regenerative Organic Certified®, a farm must align to the following practices. 

1. Animal Welfare

  • Five Freedoms: Freedom from discomfort; freedom from fear and distress; freedom from hunger; freedom from pain, injury or disease; and freedom to express normal behavior. 

  • Grass-fed and pasture-raised

  • Limited transport

  • No Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs)

  • Suitable shelter

2. Soil Health 

  • Builds soil organic matter

  • Conservation tillage

  • Cover crops

  • Crop rotations

  • No GMOs or gene editing

  • No soilless systems

  • No synthetic inputs

  • Promotes biodiversity

  • Rotational grazing

3. Social Fairness

  • Capacity building

  • Democratic organizations

  • Fair payments for farmers 

  • Freedom of association

  • Good working conditions

  • Living wages

  • Long-term commitments

  • No forced labor

  • Transparency and accountability

Why ROC™ Is the Future

Regenerative Organic Certified® is a new certification for an ancient idea: farming practices that put soil health, animal wellness and farmer fairness first. Our founders have been giving back to the earth before Ancient Nutrition was even formed, so this certification was a significant step that represents our commitment to transforming the health of the people and the planet.  

While conventional farming continues to harm the planet and our health, Regenerative Organic Certified® represents a rejection of current standards and a return to ancient practices that prioritize healthy soil, happy animals and farmer fairness above all else. With like-minded partners, including our customers, we’re changing the future of farming — one ROC™ farm and product at a time.  

Today’s farming practices aren’t sustainable, as they’re harming our health and the health of the planet. Regenerative Organic Certified® favors regenerative agriculture practices that rebuild the soil, sequester carbon and enhance biodiversity. It isn’t new; in fact, it’s ancient and just the right way to farm.

As mentioned earlier, It’s also why we’re proud to say that our founder-owned farms are the first in Tennessee and Missouri to become Regenerative Organic Certified®. These regenerative practices — and the standards they put in place for soil, animals and farmers — are our hope for the future. 

Ancient Nutrition Becomes the First Dietary Supplement Company to Offer Its ROC™ Dietary Supplement Line

Becoming Regenerative Organic Certified® is tied to our R.A.N.C.H. Project℠, which represents our unwavering commitment to healing the planet through regenerative agricultural and environmental transformation. 

The Tennessee farm is named The Center for Regenerative Agriculture, which is dually headquarters for Ancient Nutrition and its R.A.N.C.H. Project. This initiative focuses on the company's commitments to Regenerative Agriculture, Nutrition and Climate Health. The R.A.N.C.H Project supports the mission of Ancient Nutrition: to heal the earth, feed the world and transform the health of every individual on the planet with history's most powerful superfoods.

This certification goes beyond just regenerative practices and beyond just certified organic. To be eligible for Regenerative Organic Certified®, farms must first be USDA Certified Organic or an international equivalent. 

"The all-encompassing standards of being Regenerative Organic Certified® represent the pinnacle of ecologically sound agricultural operations that, if broadly implemented, will take our food supply far beyond organic," said Jordan Rubin, Co-Founder of Ancient Nutrition. "As the operators of the first ROC™ farms in the states of Tennessee and Missouri, we aim to establish a legacy of health and hope for Ancient Nutrition team members, partners and customers. With our 'open source' research projects, we aim to inspire dozens, if not hundreds, of farmers to follow suit."

In the future, our goal is to source as many ROC™ ingredients as possible from our founder-owned farms, or other ROC™ farms.

But we can’t change the future of farming alone. That’s why one percent of all our revenue goes to the R.A.N.C.H. Project. As part of that one percent pledge, we will support individual organic farmers through the certification process to become Regenerative Organic Certified®. 

We’re also sharing the research and innovation on our founder-owned ROC™ farms with other farmers as part of our partnership with Rodale Institute, in hopes of educating on and spreading regenerative practices. 

Ancient Nutrition’s “Triple Certification” 

Ancient Nutrition is the first supplement company to represent the highest supplements standards on the planet: triple certified with ROC™, Certified USDA Organic and Non-GMO*.

*CCOF Organic is Non-GMO and more.

Alongside this triple certification, Ancient Nutrition hopes to achieve three value propositions: 

“Ancient Grown” is one of our most pioneering efforts. Ancient Farmed means that 95 percent of the active ingredients (excluding the capsules and the probiotic cultures) are grown on one or both of our founder-owned farms that encompass the R.A.N.C.H. Project.

Ancient Nutrition’s New ROC Products, with Triple Certification

To become a Regenerative Organic Certified® product, the formula must contain at least 95 percent ROC™ active ingredients. That means 95 percent of active ingredients must be grown on an ROC™ farm. “Active” ingredients exclude ingredients in the format — for example, the capsule — or materials like probiotics strains. 

Here are just a few of these exciting, transformative Ancient Nutrition ROC™ products

Regenerative Organic Certified™ Turmeric

Meet turmeric that is like no other. This first-ever supplement is packed with three types of ROC™ turmeric plus mushrooms to help transform your overall joint health.

Regenerative Organic Certified™ Extra Strength Probiotics

This first-ever blend incorporates 50 billion CFU1 from 30 diverse strains with incredible superfood ingredients for gut health.

Regenerative Organic Certified™ Once Daily Probiotics

The first-ever combination of prebiotics, postbiotics and 30 diverse probiotics strains, plus Regenerative Organic Certified® superfoods to support gut health. All packed into just one convenient capsule.

Regenerative Organic Certified™ Women's Once Daily Probiotics

The first-ever combination of 30 total strains plus female health-supporting mushrooms chaga and reishi plus vitamin D3 to support women’s gut health and reduce occasional bloating (packed into just one convenient capsule).

Regenerative Organic Certified™ Women's Extra Strength Probiotics

Extra powerful probiotics designed with women in mind. This first-ever blend incorporates 50 billion CFU1 from 30 diverse strains with ROC™ superfoods tailored to women's health.

Regenerative Organic Certified™ Women's 50+ Once Daily Probiotics

The formula brings women 50 and over a never-seen-before combination of powerful probiotics and superfoods that help support overall hormone health.

Regenerative Organic Certified™ Menopause Support Probiotics

Powerful probiotics for women entering or experiencing menopause. These probiotics are a never-seen-before combination of prebiotics, postbiotics and 30 probiotic strains — plus herbs and mushrooms grown in nutrient-dense soil on our founder-owned ROC™ farms.

Regenerative Organic Certified™ Women's Hormones

Get the balance you crave with the first-ever women’s hormone health supplement packed with five powerhouse superfoods to support your hormone balance.

Regenerative Organic Certified™ Gut Recovery† Probiotics

This first-ever blend incorporates 50 billion CFU1 from 30 diverse strains with incredible superfood ingredients to help keep your gut on track.

Regenerative Organic Certified™ Leaky Gut Support

Designed to calm and soothe your gut, this first-ever formula is packed with ROC™ herbs and mushrooms that are optimized for absorption to support your gut health.

Regenerative Organic Certified™ Candida Balance

Get a beautifully balanced gut with ROC™ mushrooms and herbs to support healthy yeast and bacteria balance so your gut can thrive.

Regenerative Organic Certified™ Liver Cleanse

Designed to give you the detox support you crave, this formula delivers a powerful combination of ROC™ mushrooms and herbs that can help transform your liver health.

Regenerative Organic Certified™ Focused Brain

Designed to help you stay focused and positive, this formula delivers a powerful combination of ROC™ mushrooms and herbs that can help transform your cognitive health.

Regenerative Organic Certified™ SuperVeggies

Get 23 super veggies your body craves. Organic SuperVeggies features select ROC™ ingredients, including avocado, plantain leaf and moringa plus organic supergreens kale, broccoli and spinach, in two capsules per day.

Regenerative Organic Certified™ SuperFruits

The first-of-its-kind ROC™ SuperFruits — designed to help you get 16 uniquely powerful fruits in the easiest way possible.

*At Expiration Date under recommended storage conditions. 

**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.  

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