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Multi Collagen Makeover - eBook
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Multi Collagen Makeover eBook

The 28-day inside out health transformation

Have you heard about the benefits of collagen but feel intimidated (or even conflicted about) working it into your diet?

Multi Collagen Makeover clears away the confusion and lays out a systematic approach to incorporating collagen into your diet over a 28-day period.

Because one thing is clear...

Certain essential nutrients and beneficial compounds that were plentiful in our ancestors’ diets centuries or even only decades ago are now largely missing in our everyday meals. And among these nutrients and compounds missing from our diet is one amazing protein: collagen.

This eBook is designed to educate you on the importance of what is often considered one of the most abundant proteins in your entire body: collagen.

You’ll learn how collagen:

  • Plays a vital role in your well-being (and appearance)
  • Functions within the body
  • Why Dr. Josh Axe and Jordan Rubin believe you should have it in your daily diet

Multi Collagen Makeover will provide you with strategies and a customized collagen-focused eating plan to help you get your body into a better overall state of health and well-being.

Within these pages, you’ll discover all the tools you need to help maximize your body’s collagen production, including a:

  • 3-day cleanse
  • 28-day meal plan
  • Comprehensive shopping list
  • Collagen-boosting recipes
  • Breakdown of recommended collagen supplements
  • Section of testimonials to keep you motivated


Collagen is one of the reasons our bodies don’t fall apart. Collagen literally functions to hold you together.

But what is collagen? Collagen is a protein made up of building blocks called amino acids. It’s so important that it makes up approximately 30 percent of all the proteins in the body, and our different bodily systems and organs need specific proteins serving a variety of functions.

The truth is that collagen is literally everywhere in the body, and when there’s enough collagen in the body, then we can maintain structural integrity, from joint health to bone strength and skin elasticity, and keep humming along.


Frequently Asked Collagen Questions

Q.  What do the different types of collagen do for you?

A.  There are many different types of collagen; the most common types found in supplements are types I, II, III, V and X. Here’s a quick overview of each:

Type I Collagen

  • The most abundant type found in the human body
  • Functions in forming bones, teeth, skin, ligaments, tendons, cartilage (the cushiony disks between vertebrae) and scar tissue
  • Benefits of type I collagen include promoting skin health and normal wound healing, supporting joint health, supporting lean muscle mass and digestive health

Type II Collagen

  • Provided in highest concentrations from chicken collagen
  • Its benefits include helping to form cartilage, promoting synovial joint health and supporting the tissues of organs and the respiratory system

Type III Collagen

  • Usually occurs with and supports type I collagen
  • Promotes the health of the intestines, heart, blood vessels and muscles

Type V Collagen

  • Helps to form tissues of the liver, lungs, muscles, bones and the placenta in pregnant women
  • Supports the structure of trillions of cell surfaces

Type X

  • Helps promote bone strength
  • Supports cartilage maintenance

Q.  If my body already makes collagen, why do I need to consume more?

A.  You lose collagen as you get older, plus you produce less. Collagen production also suffers when you’re very active, sick, dealing with a lot stress or up against other factors such as too much sun exposure, eating a poor diet or smoking.

Q.  How did our ancestors (or people eating traditional diets) consume collagen?

A.  Throughout history, people obtained collagen from their diets by consuming real bone broth and by using many parts of the animals they ate. It was common to consume foods like bone marrow, organ meats, skin, small bones found in fish and so on.

In contrast, our modern diet includes very little of the amino acids found in collagen because we consume lots of muscle meat and/or conventional protein supplements but usually discard other valuable animal parts.

Q.  What are collagen supplements made from?

A.  Collagen is a protein formed by amino acids that is found throughout the human body, and also the bodies of animals.

To make collagen supplements, manufacturers derive collagen from dehydrated, concentrated real bone broth (as in Bone Broth Protein and Bone Broth Collagen) or animal parts, including their bones, skin, organ meats, scales and fins (in the case of fish) and other types of connective tissue.

Collagen is most often sourced from chickens and cattle (called bovine collagen) but can also come from fish,  jellyfish, pigs, egg shells and other animals. When parts from these animals are steeped in liquid stock and cooked over the course of one to two days, a traditional bone broth is formed, which contains a good deal of naturally occurring collagen.

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Get $15 off when you include Multi Collagen Advanced in your order! Use code: MCA15


Get $15 off when you include Multi Collagen Advanced in your order! Use code: MCA15

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Multi Collagen Protein - CTN
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Get $15 off when you include Multi Collagen Advanced in your order! Use code: MCA15


Get $15 off when you include Multi Collagen Advanced in your order! Use code: MCA15


Get $15 off when you include Multi Collagen Advanced in your order! Use code: MCA15


Get $15 off when you include Multi Collagen Advanced in your order! Use code: MCA15

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