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Pumpkin Spice is back for a limited time! This seasonal favorite is selling fast Shop Now

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Keto FIRE Kit
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Health Benefits

Stoke your ketogenic burning power with Keto FIRE!

With an immediate usable source of exogenous ketones, MCTs, organic and energizing adaptogenic herbs with antioxidant properties, KetoFIRE is designed to take your performance to the next level!

    The Ketogenic Diet, Ketosis and Exogenous Ketones

    The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat and moderate-protein diet that shifts the body’s metabolism away from carbs and towards fat burning and ketone production, putting the body into a metabolic state called ketosis. In short, the ketogenic diet positions the body to burn fat as fuel.

    Keto FIRE features:

    • MCTs (Medium Chain Triglycerides) 
    • Caffeine (from Organic Coffee Cherry Extract)
    • Organic adaptogenic herbs
    • Exogenous Ketones in the form of BHB salts

    What is Ketosis?

    When the body has the ability to burn fat as fuel, the liver naturally creates fats called ketones. Ketones can provide energy more efficiently than carbs can, which, in turn, stokes the body’s fat-burning FIRE. 

    Keto Fire is Powered by Exogenous Ketones (in the form of Beta Hydroxybutyrate)

    The liver naturally produces “endogenous” ketones while in ketosis, but exogenous ketones are those provided from outside the body. Exogenous ketones are often used by the keto dieter and non-keto dieter alike.

    Beta Hydroxybutyric (BHB) is a ketone body and is also known from keto salts. BHB is great for those transitioning to the ketogenic diet and is ideal for those who are already in a state of Keto, or virtually anyone—no matter what diet they choose.

    KetoFIRE also provides fat from organic chicken bone broth oil and medium-chain triglycerides (MCTs) from coconut.

    While there are four primary MCTs contained in coconut, KetoFIRE focuses on caprylic acid, which is also known as C8.

    Nutrition & Ingredients

    Bone Broth Oil: “Golden” for the Keto Diet

    In traditional bone broth, the golden fat that rises to the top is truly golden. In fact, the oil in bone broth typically makes up nearly half of the overall solids and calories found in broth from nutrient-rich bones! 

    Organic bone broth oil is non-rendered organic bone broth oil—not schmaltz, which is the rendered chicken fat powering traditional Jewish cuisine. (The rendering process is a food processing technique which dries the material and separates fat from the bone and protein, which yields a concentrated fatty substance.)

    Organic bone broth oil is organic, meaning it is produced without chemicals, prohibited pesticides, GMOs or other “undesirables.”

    Additionally, Keto FIRE features specially selected herbs and spices, collagen peptides and Organic Coffee Cherry Extract to boost energy.

    Among the herbs and spices in Keto FIRE are Organic Ashwagandha Root Extract, Ginger Root Extract and Long Pepper Fruit Extract.

    Keto FIRE also features a Lipase Enzyme Blend. Why?

    For those following a ketogenic diet higher in fats, it’s important to have the corresponding ratio of fat-digesting enzymes. Lipase, for example, is an enzyme necessary for the digestion of fatty (lipid) substances found either in the diet or as part of normal human metabolism. Lipase helps break down fats into smaller components for digestibility. 

    So, are you ready for a secret weapon to help stoke your keto-burning power?

    If so, KetoFIRE helps to provide a spark to drive you into the fat-burning zone.† It’s perfect for the weekend warrior, busy executive, student, gamer or anyone looking to boost mind and muscle power.

    How to Use

    Suggested Use: Adults take 6 capsules daily with 8 ounces of water or your favorite beverage. May be taken with or without food. 

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