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Immune Support Kit
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Ancient Herbals - Elderberry + Probiotics Capsules (60 Capsules)

Ancient Nutrients - Vitamin C + Probiotics Capsules (60 Capsules)

Shy of living in a bubble, there’s really no escaping immune system challenges. In addition to your healthy diet, lifestyle and hygiene, you can certainly tap the right healthy immune system-supporting ingredients to give your body a boost. We bundled our top 3 healthy immune system-focused capsules to bring you on-the-go support including: a multivitamin with special attention to immune system support; organic, probiotic fermented Vitamin C featuring a potent combination of immune-supporting real-food ingredients with body-ready vitamin C; and our must-have Organic, Fermented Elderberry for healthy immune system support.

Fermented Elderberry—Supports Energy and Healthy Immune System Function Support

Ancient Apothecary Fermented Elderberry is a must-have. It features a powerful blend of full-spectrum Fermented Elderberry, an organic Fermented Warming Botanical Blend, organic Ashwagandha extract and an organic Fermented Bitter Botanical Blend. And it’s infused with Organic Essential Oils.

Fermented Elderberry can help support healthy immune system function and support the body in the occasional presence of stressors.†

That’s why it’s good to have Ancient Apothecary Fermented Elderberry on hand!

What Sets Ancient Apothecary Herbals Apart?

  • Live Fermentation
  • Essential Oils Infusion
  • Organic Herbs & Spices
  • Warming Botanicals
  • Digestive Bitters

Ancient Apothecary Fermented Herbs are powered by fermentation—our own proprietary, patent-pending, dual-stage, live fermentation process.

What is fermentation and why is it important?

Fermentation is an ancient process used to break down food into more absorbable components.

Here are some key benefits of fermentation:

  • Fermentation pre-digests nutrients and beneficial compounds into more accessible and bioavailable forms.
  • In some instances, fermentation can actually make certain foods more edible and more digestible, such as roots, leaves, nuts, tubers, seeds and grains.
  • Fermentation can increase the presence of probiotics in the food.

Each Ancient Apothecary Herbal formula is infused with Organic Essential Oils and CO2 extracts.

The Power of Essential Oils 

Essential oils are often referred to as the “life blood” of plants and trees. They are the concentrated oils of herbs, plants and trees.

For example, it takes approximately 3,000 lemons to make one kilo of lemon essential oil, while one 15mL bottom of lemon essential oil takes about 75 lemons! To go deeper, there are nearly 300 drops in a 15mL bottle, so 1 drop of lemon essential oil is made by using ¼ of a whole lemon!

Likewise, 150 pounds of lavender is necessary for just one pound of pure lavender essential oil, while one 15mL bottle of lavender oil requires 27 square feet of lavender plants. With approximately 300 drops of lavender oil in a 15mL bottle, one drop equals nearly .09 square feet of lavender plants.

The bottom line: here’s a whole lot of beneficial plant life in essential oils.

These precious oils can be distilled or extracted using CO2 and bottled, and when steam distilled, essential oils keep the “frequency” that they had when they resided in the plant.

Additionally, essential oils provide lipo-soluble fractions of plants. Since plants contain both water- and fat-soluble active compounds, we believe it is important to consume a full spectrum of beneficial compounds. Fats and oils are beneficial for the effective delivery of key antioxidant compounds.

Therefore, essential oils infused into herbal formulas can help serve as a delivery system for botanicals.

Here’s the takeaway: Essential oils are some of Nature’s wonders!  

That’s why you’ll find essential oils in each and every Ancient Apothecary Fermented Herbs.

The Importance of Organic Herbs

It’s no secret that in conventionally grown foods and herbs, farmers often use a variety of pesticides, herbicides, fungicides synthetic fertilizers and many other "processing agents” which often remain in and on the food or herbs. Even washing these foods or herbs can’t get many of these off the produce.

Why? Because nearly 20 percent of the 17,000 (or more) pesticides in use today are known as systemic pesticides—those which reside inside the plant via its root system and have permeated the plant. That’s means they’re everywhere within the plants themselves and can’t be washed off.

To try to avoid these chemicals in and on our food, many people choose to go organic. That reason alone is enough to make going organic is all the rage these days.

But another important benefit of organic food and herbs is that, because they’re grown organically, these plants are often able to produce their own natural defenses against pests.

As a result, these plants can have some of the very compounds and natural defenses that we can and often should include in our diet.

That’s why you’ll find these health-supporting organic herbs in each and every Ancient Apothecary Fermented Herbs.

PLUS, each Ancient Apothecary Herbal formula features an Organic Fermented Warming Botanical Blend of black pepper, ginger, long pepper and sprouted cumin.

In Ayurveda, black pepper, long pepper and ginger are tied to the Sanskrit word trikatu, meaning three spices or three peppers. Trikatu is an Ayurvedic blend of the fruits of black pepper, long pepper and the rhizomes of ginger.

Each Ancient Apothecary Fermented Herbal formula also features an Organic Fermented Bitter Botanical Blend of milk thistle, dandelion and peppermint.

Bitter botanicals or "bitters" are historically regarded as beneficial. 

By combining organic fermented botanicals, whole organic herbs and spices, hot water herbal extracts and lipo-soluble fractions, Ancient Apothecary Fermented Herbal formulas feature a full-spectrum infusion of the best that Nature has to offer!

Fermented Full-Spectrum Elderberry Blend (Fermented Elderberry and Elderberry Fruit)

Herbs have been used for thousands of years to support immune balance—and elderberry is one of them.†  

Elderberry is an herb from a fragrant, flowering tree which features antioxidants and helps to support healthy immune system function.†

In fact, for centuries, teas made from elderberry fruits or flowers have been consumed for immune system health support.†

Among other constituents, elderberry features anthocyanins, which create the deep red, blue, and purple pigments found in plants such as the elderberry.  

Elderberry also features the antioxidant quercetin.

Quercetin belongs to a group of plant pigments called flavonoids, which give certain fruits, such as elderberry, their color.  

PLUS, Ancient Apothecary Fermented Elderberry contains the herb ashwagandha in the form of Organic Ashwagandha Extract (Root and Leaf).

Ashwagandha is one of the most revered herbs in Ayurveda, used since ancient times to support health.

More specifically, the clinically studied organic ashwagandha extract can offer many benefits, including:

  • Supporting a healthy response to physical, emotional and mental stress†
  • Boosting energy and reducing fatigue†
  • Enhancing focus and mental stamina†
  • Assisting in sustaining energy levels†
  • Helping to support restful sleep†

Combined with the Organic Fermented Warming Botanical Blend PLUS the Organic Fermented Botanical Blend AND the power of clinically studied Ashwagandha, Ancient Apothecary Fermented Elderberry is a great choice for supporting healthy immune system function and a healthy response to stress.†

To Use: Adults take 3 capsules daily with 8 ounces of water or your favorite beverage. May be taken with or without food. 

Your gut houses nearly 80% of the cells that make up your immune system. Support it with the best herbs ancient tradition has to offer, plus a daily dose of diverse probiotics, in effortless capsule form. The potent, quality herbs in this probiotic are deserving of a supplement of their own, but we’ve formulated them intentionally to make them the best they can be. This groundbreaking formulation combines the most sought-after herbs traditionally used in Ayurveda for immune health with diverse probiotic strains, designed to support your gut in a way that’s never been done before.

Time Release Capsules

These capsules are created with time-release technology, which means the contents dissolve slower and steadier in your body. This technology is especially beneficial for the probiotics in this blend making it to your digestive tract where they are most important.

Rooted in Ayurveda

All of the herbs found in the Ancient Probiotics line are based on the principles of Ayurvedic practice, which is the ancient Indian study of health and holistic wellness. The herbs found in this blend are the most prized in Ayurveda and have been thoroughly tested for quality and potency.

Diverse probiotic strains

This probiotic blend features 17 diverse strains and 50 billion CFUs*. It includes a beneficial yeast, an SBO (soil-based organism) and 15 other live strains.

Powered by probiotic fermentation, this is organic vitamin C like you've never seen before. Weaving the ancient principles of ancient TCM (Traditional Chinese Method) with body-ready vitamin C and superfood ingredients, Ancient Nutrients Vitamin C features a potent combination of immune-supporting real-food ingredients with body-ready vitamin C.

Body-Ready Vitamins and Minerals

We did the work so your body doesn’t have to. Ancient Nutrients Vitamin C contains bio-friendly vitamin C, herbs and superfoods treasured in TCM.


Ancient Nutrients Vitamin C features select ingredients with a wide range of health benefits, including vitamin C to support a healthy response to stress† and more.

TCM Formulation

A formulation more than 2,000 years in the making and built using the TCM (Traditional Chinese Method) of formulation, Ancient Nutrients Vitamin C features the time-tested superstars of TCM to bring a holistic approach to your daily vitamin C supplement. Using the traditional Chinese approach to wellness, the aim is to tap into centuries-old ingredients and practices to support the body as a complete system rather than separate organs, a larger concept known as “Qi.” TCM ingredients aim to balance and support qi, also known as life force.

Balancing, 3-Kingdom Approach

Honoring TCM, Ancient Nutrients Vitamin C contains specific superfood and botanical combinations time-tested through the ages. This includes a broad-spectrum of potent, TCM-approved ingredients joining together for the first time in multivitamin form to include superfoods and superherbs from multiple kingdoms: The Fungi, Plant and Animal Kingdoms.

  • Adults take capsules per day with water or your favorite beverage
  • Can be taken with or without food
  • Refrigeration is recommended for longer shelf life, but not required
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