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Introducing My Brand New Book, Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine

Right now, you can get first edition copies of my brand new book, Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine.

….There’s nothing more powerful than essential oils

And after years of researching, testing and practice with harnessing the power of essential oils, I’m thrilled to introduce the most exhaustive essential oil resource on the planet: My new book, Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine.

It’s loaded with practical information you can use right away, including:

  • 500+ pages of my best tips and essential oil secrets
  • Step-by-step guides showing you how to use more than 50 of the top essential oils
  • Full-color, step-by-step recipes and natural cures. (If you have pets or are a new mom, you can’t afford NOT to see this)
  • And much, much more..

I couldn’t be happier with how this book turned out.

To write it, I partnered with Jordan Rubin and Ty Bollinger.


All of us have seen the power essential oils have to transform people’s health.

But...every week, we’d get thousands of emails, questions and Facebook messages about using essential oils. And there’s a lot of confusing information floating around out there.

That’s why we set out to create the most detailed, cutting-edge and practical guide on essential oils.

And that’s how this book was born.

We created it to be the ESSENTIAL resource for you.

It covers all the ins and outs, top uses, questions around essential oils and so much more.

Inside this book, you’ll find invaluable lessons including

How to use essential oils in place of conventional medicine and to address many common issues like...

Tired of bug bites? We have more than a dozen all-natural options you can make at home in minutes and keep the bugs away (page 274)

The top essential oils for healthy skin and addressing irritations (page 275)

Need fast headache relief? I have an all natural option that will soothe  the issue fast (page 299)

And much, much more…

Get The World’s Most Powerful Essential Oil Resource

This book will change the way you use essential oils forever.

Go back in time and see the rich history of essential oils. You’ll also discover cutting edge research, new natural remedies & cures and essential oil recipes.

The material goes so deep doctors and health practitioners will find it valuable. But we’ve also made everything easy to understand and laid out step-by-step instructions — so everyone can use it.

But we didn’t stop there.

In our quest to give you everything, all in one place, we also included hundreds of additional uses and recipes including:

How to use essential oils in your home. So you can make your own laundry soap, all-natural deodorant and more...

How to make an age-defying eye cream, face mask, and other personal care products (page 456)

The best and safest ways to use essential oils if you have pets or are a new mom

And dozens of other categories.

If Essential Oils: Ancient Medicine doesn't show me exactly how to Transform The Health Of My Entire Family... If it doesn't take me by the hand, and show me how to unlock the Powerful Hidden Treasures inside The Plants God Created... or if it fails to help me Demystify Essential Oils, then I understand that I will receive a full refund! 


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