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World-Changing Plans in Progress

From rebuilding our topsoil in record time to turning food scraps into treasure, we’re on a mission to heal the planet by going beyond sustainability and leading the Regenerative Revolution in body, mind and planet.

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Highlights of 2022

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ariel view of cows and workers on the farm
Recycling food waste

We partnered with grocery stores, health food stores, markets, hotels and more to repurpose food waste 
(& keep it out of landfills)...then used on our farms to feed our animals and help build topsoil.

516,428 pounds of food scraps collected
Living Seed Bank

We banked 39 varieties and 2,500 seeds from the food waste we collected. These seeds are planted on our farm to establish a Living Seed Bank, which increases biodiversity and helps ensure the future of farming.

2,500 seeds banked
Building our food forest

Our team got their hands dirty and planted nearly a quarter million native superfood bearing trees, bushes, shrubs & other regenerative plants. These perennials will produce more superfoods with less care while building soil health and enhancing the overall viability of our ecosystem. Some of these superfoods are used in our Herbal Cider Vinegar and Organic SuperGreens Tablets.

235,000 trees planted
Save the world grazing plan

We kicked off our six-year plan on Earth Day 2022, putting the first of 2,000+ paddock rotations into motion that will stimulate the soil microbiome to enhance fertility up to 25 times its current levels. This plan is a key part of reaching our goal to regenerate the soil at a rate of 10-50 times greater than has ever been done before.

first of 2,191
Using less plastic

We’ve continued to swap hard PET for HDPE, which contains 25% less plastic overall than our previous packaging. We hope to transition to biodegradable, compostable or recyclable packaging by the end of 2024. In the meantime, our partnership with Plastic Bank has prevented the equivalent of 4,545,450 plastic bottles from entering the ocean!

106,665 pounds of plastic saved from landfills and the ocean
Going beyond organic

Ancient Nutrition founders, Jordan Rubin and Dr. Josh Axe's farms are the first to become Regenerative Organic Certified (ROC®) in the States of Tennessee and Missouri. This certification goes beyond current organic standards and ensures farms and products meet the highest standards in soil health, farming, animal welfare and social fairness.

1st farms to be Regenerative Organic Certified

By the end of 2024, 
Ancient Nutrition is committed to:

Carbon Negative
Carbon Negative

Building topsoil and becoming carbon negative through regenerative programs and carbon offsets

Support Nonprofits

Supporting like-minded organizations like Mully 
Children’s Family & Rodale Institute in their missions

Million Member Forest

Planting a Million Member Regenerative Food Forest of superfood-bearing trees, bushes, vines and shrubs

Repurposing Food Waste

Transforming 5,000,000 lbs of food waste into feed 
and a living seed bank

3 leaves

Reducing our plastic waste by 25% and transitioning 
to more sustainable solutions

bumble bee

View the full impact report

Get all the details on our 2022 milestones and the world-changing plans 
we have for the future, including 4” of topsoil by 2024!

View Full Impact Report
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