Dr. Axe's BurstFit Fire (Digital)
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UP FOR THE CHALLENGE? - 3 Months of Results In Just 30 Days

  • Combine tabata and strength training to burn more fat in less time
  • Burn between 3 to 9 times more fat than regular workouts
  • Balance your hormones
  • Boost energy
  • Keep your brain young by increasing circulation
  • Detoxify your body by stimulating your lymphatic system*

This program is not only doctor approved - It's doctor created!

20 Minutes. 5 days a week. 100% Results.

My patients often asked me how to get results fast. The answer is – interval training combined with strength training.

I created this program for my patients, to help them get results fast. Moms, teachers, college kids and anyone else determined to transform their body.

The workouts are based on interval and strength training. And let me tell you, the workouts are tough. The sweat and soreness is real. The results are jaw-dropping... and totally worth it! My patients, and thousands of others, have seen drastic results in just 30 days!

And that's exactly what this program is built on – getting you results, fast.

3 Levels of Intensity to break through any plateau

“I have more time to do other things, and yet I look better than when I was working out for an hour or more.”
- Ben S.

Target Your Abs, Arms & Legs for a full body transformation

“I love the shorter workout time, so I can do a complete session during my son’s nap!”
- Jess G.

Quick, Simple, Effective so you know you’re not wasting time

“I like the soreness I feel the next day knowing I got a great workout in a short amount of time”
- Heather L.


Everything you need to get in the best shape of your life, including 6 Burst Interval workouts

  • Core 1 Abs on Fire for strength and definition.
  • Core 2 Belly Fat Inferno for targeted mid-section fat burn.
  • Cardio turn up the heat with the toughest workout you’ve done so far.
  • Shoulder Shred Absolutely Lean Arms for sculpted arms, shoulders, chest.
  • Hot Legs for getting a deep burn as you get lean and toned legs.
  • Booty Bootcamp for lifting and tightening your glutes with targeted workouts.
  • Warm Up for getting loose and ready for the burn.
  • Cool Down to prevent injury and boost recovery.



    • Instant Online Access (lifetime access) to all workouts, downloads and bonus materials. Now you can access BurstFit Fire from anywhere with your tablet, phone, laptop or computer. Get started right away.


    • Butt Lift Tips for Women with Suzanne Bowen (Audio Download) Learn the key strategies and secrets Suzanne Bowen uses to get her clients in great shape and tighten and tone the back side problem areas.


    • 7 Step to Get Rid of Love Handles With Yuri Elkaim (Audio Download) Discover the 7 steps to getting rid of ‘the tire’ around your midsection, once and for all.


  • 28-Day Quickstart Calendar. No more questions about what exercise you should do. Hang the calendar up and mark off each day as you get closer to your goal.

THIS IS A $300+ VALUE for all these workouts and training tools.

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